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Renewing the Anarchist Tradition Conference, Nov. 5-7: Registration

A Scholarly Conference
November 5-7, 2010, in Baltimore, Maryland

REGISTER NOW! (see below)

The RAT conference, organized by the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS), is returning after a year’s hiatus—over the weekend of November 5-7, 2010, in Baltimore, Maryland. For those of you who have attended the conference in the past, it will be different this year.

First, the IAS board decided to reshape RAT as an “anarchist intervention,” similar to the aim of our new Anarchist Interventions book series. We’ve developed nearly two-dozen questions (see below) for RAT that we hope capture some of the key concerns and dilemmas that contemporary anarchism and anarchists face at present. Each question will serve as a panel, but rather than a distinction between speakers and audience, the panelists will briefly offer their thoughts on the question as a way to open up space for everyone to engage in conversation and debate. The questions are meant to push and further develop anarchist analysis and social theory as well as our political practices. Beyond this close and participatory reflection at RAT, we plan to audiotape all the panels and then make them widely available to others as part of a new weekly IAS podcast series.

Second, RAT will be in Baltimore rather than in its former central Vermont location, with the logistics around space, food, and housing kindly being organized by the folks at Red Emma’s Bookstore and Cafe. Just like in the past, we’re limiting RAT to 150 people, with all panelists included in that number. Everyone must also register and pay for the conference as well as their own travel costs in order for us to collectively self-fund this project. We’ll again do our best, though, to offer scholarships/sliding scale to those in need.

As always, RAT is meant to be a space outside professionalized, commodified sites of learning and education, where longtime anarchists can meet as peers and comrades to grapple with ideas together, in as intellectually open and curious, yet politically engaged and grounded, a way as possible. It is not an academic conference, nor meant as something to add to one’s CV; instead, RAT aims to encourage a culture of public intellectuals, autonomous and collective scholarship, and critical yet visionary thinking, especially among those who are marginalized by the education-industrial complex. RAT, in short, is a dialogue among politically active anarchists who see theory and analysis as part and parcel of their organizing efforts to transform society.

The RAT conference is co-organized by IAS board members David Combs, Mark Lance, Cindy Milstein, Maia Ramnath, and Joshua Stephens, and friend of the IAS James Birmingham.

IAS September Events! (Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Louisville, Baltimore, Philadelphia)

Hey Everyone!

A quick announcement about some upcoming IAS events. IAS board member Cindy Milstein is doing a 5 date book tour this month, and recent IAS grantee Judith Arcana has two upcoming events in Chicago. See below:


Institute for Anarchist Studies Summer 2010 Newsletter!

Institute for Anarchist Studies Summer 2010 Newsletter


Announcing Our Grant Awards for Summer 2010
Updates on IAS Grant Projects
Announcing the Second Title in the Anarchist Intervention Book Series
Perspectives on Anarchist Theory: Recent and Next Issues
Renewing the Anarchist Tradition Conference, Rethought for 2010
IAS at the U.S. Social Forum
IAS Meets Twitter
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Announcing Our Grant Awards for Summer 2010

As always, the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) board is pleased to announce our latest grant awards; as always, it was also a tough decision, involving many hours of dialogue and debate to narrow it down to our four grant recipients. The board would like to publicly thank everyone who applied, and of course heartily congratulate Kolya Abramsky, Emma Dixon, James Generic, and the Rosehip Medic Collective on their IAS grant awards. We hope to publish their finished pieces in the online and/or print versions of our journal, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, in the near future. And now, here’s a glimpse at the four projects, each of which received $500 to assist in the writing process:

Anti-Authoritarian Convergence at the 2010 U.S. Social Forum

From A New World from Below

A New World From Below: An Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Convergence at the 2010 U.S. Social Forum

The New World from Below workshops will take place both within the “official” USSF schedule and at the anarchist convergence space, so as to be part of the official USSF schedule, but also to get the word out on many other self-organized workshops as a part of our presence.

New World From Below convergence center open hours

Thursday June 24 -Saturday June 26 * 10AM-6PM

Besides our program of evening events and free meals starting on Wednesday evening, the convergence center will be open during the day – stop by for info on what’s going on, to have a cup of coffee, pick up a schedule, drop off or pick up material from the free literature tables, or get in touch at to arrange to use the space for self-organized caucuses and workshops.

2009 Southern California Anarchist Conference

The Second Southern California Anarchist Conference and Cultural Fair will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 1 and 2, 2009 at the Southern California Library for Social Studies & Research, 6120 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90044 (Saturday) and the UCLA Downtown Labor Center, 675 S Park View St, Los Angeles, California 90057 (Sunday).

Among many educational workshops and panels there will be a session on the Institute for Anarchist Studies. Check out the schedule here.

Reimagining Society Project - Opening Essays Posted

Originally posted on ZNet

Project Description

Reimagining Society participants are generating a vast outpouring of content bearing upon vision for a new society and strategy to attain the aims. This includes:

* Brief introductions by a great many participants summarizing their histories and their hopes and desires for the project
* Initial essays provided by many participants which serve as the starting point of the project discussions
* Discussion among participants of the essays
* Comments on the essays by many readers of the site
* Itemized proposals extracted from the essays and discussions
* Polls tallying participants' and readers' reactions to the proposals
* Concluding essays by participants assessing the overall project
* And a brief accounting of possible future directions for the project.

The Project is hosted by Z Communiations but the contents are freely available for linking or posting on any site that wishes to reproduce all or part of the contents.

ONWARD Newspaper Archived Online!

We are happy to report that ONWARD anarchist newspaper, which was published quarterly and distributed internationally between 2000 and 2003, can once again be found online! We have established a website to archive and make publicly available the contents of the paper. Check it out at:

Announcing the Anarchist Library!

From the brand new website, The Anarchist Library:

We introduce, for your pleasure, The Anarchist Library, an archive of anarchist texts: books, essays, and articles. We hope that this archive grows from its initial selection of over 400 titles (books, essays, and articles) into a comprehensive textual library that spans the entirety of anarchist thought.

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