Volunteering with and for the IAS

Despite the word "institute" in the Institute for Anarchist Studies' name, the IAS board is geographically dispersed--with board members living in cities ranging from Washington, DC, to Toronto, New York and Brooklyn to Montreal, and Portland, Oregon, Montpelier, Vermont, and Oakland, California. Board members pitch in their own funds to meet face-to-face twice a year in one of these cities, and via phone conferences and email in the interim. The IAS doesn't have a big fancy office building, nor any building at all. What the IAS has in large quantity, though, is a passion for its mission and an actively engaged board that volunteers to make the IAS projects a reality. In fact, except for a (poorly paid but greatly appreciated) administrator whose task it is to keep the IAS in good organizational shape--and who also volunteers additional time--the IAS is a labor of love.

But the IAS couldn't do its work without the additional volunteer efforts of supporters--like you! If you're interested in helping, here are some ideas:

1. Organize reading groups/projects locally, rather than tie in with the IAS board's nongeographically-based community

2. Help make the IAS Web site better by contributing articles and/or book reviews to the online version of Perspectives, or offering technical skills if you know Drupal.

3. Put on a fund-raiser, because the IAS always needs donations, especially for its grant-giving program.

4. Host a Mutual Aid Speakers List person, both as outreach, popular education, and a way to contribute financially to the IAS.

5. Assist with outreach by distributing the general IAS brochure.

6. Offer your graphic design, illustration, copyediting, tech abilities, or writing skills to the IAS, when needed.

For information on what you can do to help the IAS through your volunteer efforts, contact the IAS administrator, David Combs, at info@anarchiststudies.org

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