Oppose and Propose! Andy Cornell Book tour!

Andy Cornell, author of Oppose and Propose! Lessons from Movement for a New Society, the second book in the IAS's Anarchist Interventions series has embarked on a book tour to lead discussions on the book. Check out the dates below!


Movement for a New Society, a radical pacifist organization active in the 1970s and 1980s, pioneered forms of consensus decision-making, communal living, direct action, and self-education now central to antiauthoritarian movements.

Yet members found their commitments to “live the revolution now” often alienated potential allies and distracted them from confronting their opponents, while their distrust of leadership and commitment to cumbersome group processes made it difficult to keep their analysis and strategy cutting-edge.

In this talk, followed by a discussion, Andrew Cornell will place Movement for a New Society in the broader history of U.S. anarchism and post-1960s radicalism, while offering an assessment of the strategies and conceptual tools it left to current movements.

Andrew Cornell is an educator, writer, and organizer living in Brooklyn, New York. His writing has appeared in periodicals such as Left Turn, LiP, and Perspectives on Anarchist Theory.

Sunday May 8th:
SubRosa Community Space
703 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA
7:00 pm

Monday May 9th:
AK Press Warehouse
674-A 23rd. St.
Oakland, CA
7:00 pm

Wednesday May 11th:
The Variant
4810 NE Garfield
Portland, OR
6:00 pm

Thursday May 12th:
Library Lobby
Evergreen State University
Olympia, WA
12:00 pm

Thursday May 12th:
Denny Hall 216
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
6:00 pm

Sunday May 15th:
Corvallis, OR
(Location TBA)
3:00 pm

Saturday May 21:
Montreal Anarchist Bookfair
CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle
Montreal, Ontario
11:00 am

Monday May 23rd:
Boston, MA
7:00 pm
(Location TBA)

Tuesday May 24th:
Libertalia Autonomous Space
280 Broadway, Room 200.
Providence, RI
7:00 pm

Thursday May 26th:
Wooden Shoe Bookstore
704 South Street
Philadelphia, PA
7:00 pm

Friday May 27th:
Dream City
White Garage in the Northside Alley,
Just West of 11th on Monroe Street NW
Washington, DC
7:00 pm

Saturday May 28th:
Red Emma’s Bookstore
800 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD
7:00 pm

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