Taking Ourselves Seriously: Developing Strategy for Social Transformation (Chris Dixon, Cindy Milstein and Maia Ramnath) from the 2010 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair

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Chris Dixon (Intro and presentation) MP3, Cindy Milstein MP3, and Maia Ramnath MP3, Q&A Part 1 MP3, Response MP3, and Q&A Part 2 MP3.

The question of strategy – how we might win in the near and long term as we struggle against domination, exploitation, and oppression – is pressing. As anarchists, however, we frequently face particular barriers to thinking, planning, and acting strategically. This panel will discuss these barriers, and potential ways we can move past them toward developing effective anarchist strategies for the long haul of social transformation.

Panelists include Chris Dixon, Cindy Milstein and Maia Ramnath. Chris is a longtime anarchist organizer and writer who currently lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Territory. Cindy is an Institute for Anarchist Studies board member and author of Anarchism and Its Aspirations (AK Press, 2010). Maia is a NYC-based teacher, writer, organizer and Institute for Anarchist Studies board member.

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