Revolutionizing Hope: Strategies and Visions from an Anarchist Perspective

Econvergence Conference: NW Regional Gathering on the Economic & Ecological Crises Portland, Oregon
** October 2-4, 2009 with Cindy Milstein, Paul Messersmith-Glavin, Andrej Grubacic

This workshop was titled "Revolutionizing Hope: Strategies and Visions from an Anarchist Perspective" and was given on October 2, 2009 (I lost the recording of the Q & A, sorry)

This panel starts from the premise that the ecological crisis is a social crisis; that the two are intimately bound up together and in fact inseperaable. Thus, in order to create an ecological society, it is imperative to envirion and work toward a world beyond capitalism, in which people's needs and desires wound instead be met in egalitarian, mutualistic, and directly democratic ways. Those powerful forces that not only exacerbated but also benefited from the twin crises are hard at work trying to manage the "recovery" to their own additional advantage. Our goal is to spark the imagination around grassroots strategies & visions that would address the root causes of these related crises and would empower us all to begin building alternatives aimed at a fundamentally different world-one that's liberatory, just, and ecological.

Cindy Milstein - Institute for Anarchist Studies
Paul Messersmith-Glavin - Institute for Anarchist Studies
Andrej Grubacic - Global Balkans

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