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What type of work does the IAS fund?
The IAS awards grants to essay writers and translators of essay-length work. Essay-length work is considered to be approximately 20 to 50 pages (10,000 to 25,000 words), and may be either a stand-alone essay or the introduction to an edited volume. Please note that we are no longer funding book-length projects, at least for the time being.

How much funding is available?
The IAS awards an annual total of $4,000. Each grant award ranges from $250 to $1,000, and the IAS typically funds two to three writers or translators per grant cycle.

What can the grant money be used for?
The IAS awards grant money for writing or translating only. For example, a grant can be used to take some time off work or hire child care in order to write, or to travel to an archive to find materials for your project. You cannot use the grant award for publishing or production costs, nor does the IAS fund works that have already been written or are already translated.

When are grant applications due?
Grant applications are due on February 1st and September 1st of each year. The IAS is strict about this deadline. If your applications arrives after these dates, it will be added to the next round of grant applications.

Do you have to be an anarchist to apply for a grant?
No. We make grant awards on the basis of the content of your work, your ability to complete your project, and your publishing plans, among other factors, and not your stated political commitments.

Can I apply for a grant if I'm not a U.S. citizen?
Yes. We fund writers and translators from around the world.

Do I have to apply online?
We strongly encourage all applicants to apply online. If you are unable to apply online, however, please download the application, fill it out, and mail 14 copies of your application to: Institute for Anarchist Studies, PO Box 15586, Washington, DC 20003 USA. (People in prison or otherwise incarcerated can send the IAS 1 copy of their completed application.) If you cannot download the application, please write to the IAS for a paper copy of the form and include your return address. Applications sent by mail must reach the IAS by or before the January 15 or June 15 deadlines.

Is there an application fee?
No. There is no longer a fee required in order to apply. The IAS is funded solely by donations, though, so contributions are always appreciated (see the "Support Us" section).

Does my application have to be written in English? Does my project have to be written in English?
All applications must be written in English. Your writing or translation project, however, can be written in any language. Indeed, the IAS has funded numerous non-English-language projects over the years.

What are the requirements for writing samples and translation samples?
If you are proposing to write an essay, you should include a writing sample of approximately 5 double-spaced pages with your application. Your sample should be of a similar genre to the project that you are proposing. An excerpt from a longer piece is acceptable. If you are proposing a translation, your sample should be the first 5 double-spaced pages of the translation you are proposing to complete. You should include both the original and translated version of the sample.

Does the IAS provide other types of support besides funding?
Even if the IAS is unable to fund your project during a specific grant cycle, it may offer nonmonetary support, including editorial assistance (should you choose to proceed with your essay), feedback in developing your proposal for resubmission to the IAS, mentorship from an IAS board member with experience in the subject area of your proposal, or publication in Perspectives on Anarchist Theory.

If my application is selected, what do I get?
Grant recipients receive monetary support, usually between $250 and $1,000, for their essay-length work. The IAS also provides the grant recipient with a specific IAS board member as their contact person, who can answer questions, help you keep on track, and offer editing assistance, as needed. Moreover, the IAS often assists with publishing (see below).

If my application is selected, what are my responsibilities to the IAS?
As a grant recipient, you are responsible for staying in touch with your IAS board contact; completing your essay-length work in a timely fashion, usually six months after the grant is awarded; working with the IAS to ensure a publication-quality piece; and if for some reason you can't complete your project, returning your grant award to the IAS. We also encourage grant recipients to promote the IAS to others and, when possible, attend IAS events such as the annual Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference.

Does the IAS help grant recipients get published?
Yes, in most instances. The IAS is interested in having the essays it funds be as widely and publicly available as possible in forms that are relevant and accessible to radical movements and thinkers. To this end, the IAS attempts to publish as many of the funded essays as it can, but also appreciates efforts by the grantee to disseminate their work. The IAS considers the completed essay projects for publication in its online journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, in the annual print anthology version of Perspectives, or as part of a small book series in collaboration with AK Press. In addition, the IAS provides editorial support to grant recipients as part of this publication process.

How does the board decide which grants to fund, and what does it mean if an application isn't funded?
The whole IAS board determines grant awards democratically in face-to-face meetings, and the decisions are always difficult. The criteria for choosing grants includes a number of factors, such as the relevance, uniqueness, and content of your proposal; the clarity of your proposal, and how well it's written and thought out; your ability to complete the project in a timely fashion, usually within six months of the grant award; whether the grant award will help you complete your project; your political and intellectual experience as well as writing abilities; where you plan or hope to publish your work; and how your work relates to ongoing struggles, social phenomena, and/or scholarship on radical studies. You don't have to be an anarchist to get funded; the IAS, however, aims to fund pieces that critically explore social domination and/or reconstructive visions of a free society.

If your grant application is not funded, it is not necessarily a reflection of your work or the value of your project; the IAS simply has limited funds. The board encourages grant applicants who are not funded to consider writing for the IAS's online journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, and will offer editorial assistance if your work is accepted for publication.

Can I apply for a grant if I have received an IAS grant for a different project in the past?
Yes. The IAS considers the applications of past grant recipients who are applying for a grant for a different project. In the past, we have funded at least one grant recipient on two occasions, for two different projects. Please note that we will NOT consider grant applications for essay projects that we have already funded.

If my grant project was not selected to receive a grant this time around, can I resubmit my application for consideration in a subsequent round of granting?
Yes. You are free to resubmit your application, either with modifications or in its original form.


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